Water is one of the most important factors for good health. Since our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, it seems obvious that we need to drink plenty of good quality water. However many people just don’t drink anywhere near enough. It’s perhaps one of the most overlooked causes of health problems in today’s world.

I always drink a lot of water. I try to carry a drink bottle everywhere I go. Last week on my way to Sydney I forgot to buy a bottle of water for my flight and I honestly didn’t know how I’d survive. I was so thirsty! When the flight attendant finally came past with drinks, I asked for two cups and went back for three more.

It’s been advised that an average adult needs to drink about 3 litres of water a day. With busy lifestyles today, often people forget to drink enough water and later experience signs of dehydration or in many cases do not even know that they are dehydrated. How to know you have enough water in your system? An easy way to tell is to look at the colour of your pee. If it’s not clear then it’s likely you aren’t drinking enough water.

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