This is Miss Spelts Grains & Goodies Online Store. We are called Healthy Shelly. 

Though most of Miss Spelts customers are healthy and well, some of our dear customers have compromised immune systems and fall within the high risk category. To overcome challenges we face when comes to enforcing social distancing regulations in-store and to create a more safer environement for our staff and customers, we have decided to operate online most of the week and only allow limited physical in-store access going forward. We will assess the situation daily and make necessary changes for the convenience of customers.

We hope all this will go back to normal and we get to see you in person really soon.  

We hope you enjoy this new platform and support us throughout these difficult times. Please bare with us any teething issues and hiccups as we progress in to this new platform. 

We hope you enjoy the evolving journey of becoming well-nourished and we aspire to support you in any way possible.

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