Michelle’s passion for healthy food and living began when she was in her early twenties. She had eczema since she was a teenager but she could not accept the thought of suffering with it for the rest of her life.

In her own words

“I thought there must be a way to heal it. That was the beginning of my journey. I started researching and came across natural, plant-based products which I switched to. I also learnt that I had some food intolerances. While at university, I went to Indonesia for six months. My experiences overseas opened my eyes to the world and how other cultures live. In Bali, I came across a small cafe, hidden amongst bamboo and trees. All of the food they served was creatively made using unprocessed, natural ingredients. When I returned to Australia, inspired by the Bali café, I started researching and experimenting with healthy, delicious recipes, free from unprocessed ingredients.”

Soon after she also started trying many different diets to heal her eczema. Some of them were raw food, juicing, eczema elimination diet, vegetarian, vegan and many others. As they were unprocessed diets, her eczema improved a little but her overall health began to decline. She had started to develop brain fog, depression, anxiety and fatigue. Yes food plays a role in developing these conditions yet it is not given enough spotlight in popular media.

One day she collapsed with exhaustion and prayed for help. The help that she needed arrived and she finally found a way to heal herself with a combination of diet, lifestyle and detox methods which healed health problems and changed her life.

She finally realised the only way to heal and have true health is with a holistic approach on all three physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
Healthy Shelly brings this message out to the public in a more accessible, informative and interesting way.

Today, unhealthy, processed food gets more spotlight thanks to media, advertising and money driven corporations which backs their existence. Consumers, merely by their lack of knowledge and understanding use these products full of chemicals, toxins and unethical ingredients. The outcome is scarier than we think. According to a Health Survey conducted in 2011-2012, it has been reported that 3.7 million Australians are avoiding food due to allergy or intolerances and this number is rising. Other illnesses that are also on the rise include obesity, diabetes, depression, cancer and many others.

At Healthy Shelly, our mission is to spread awareness, share wellness advice and make healthy living affordable for those who deserve to be healthier and happier. We encourage a healthy lifestyle by sharing allergy-free recipes made of organic ingredients, our knowledge of wholesome food, give tips for recommended exercise, lifestyle and detoxification, help you by providing guidance to proper meditation practice and give the best wellness advice to our knowledge.

Join us today to receive unconditional support for your wellness journey. Be a part of our growing community to help each other out. Lay on our shoulders when you need a listening ear. Try our delicious recipes and take the first step to a healthier tomorrow.

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